Wednesday, July 01, 2009

The excitement of an aussie on the phone

Rolling about in a flu-induced sweat, I hear the phone ring, and successfully ignore "WITH HELD". Never have I been happier - well, at least in the past few months - as when I listened to the voice mail an hour later when I finally decided to do an unemployed wake-up-and-assess-the-day.

An Aussie accent!! On my phone!!

A few days later, I had a job interview, via lovely teleconference, with folk in Melbourne. I don't know how it went. Kak, probably. Felt like it. But, maaaaaaan, do I hate The Job Interview. Never trust them.

It did get off to a great start, with them calling me an hour later than I was ready for - gotta love time zones & SOME places having day lights savings. 8am Monday mornings are never good, but when one sits staring at the phone, feeling like some Aussie played a practical joke on you & is laughing at you sitting waiting for a fake job interview... well, that will seriously just ruin your mood!

If you thought that I've been quiet on this blog now... wait till, well, July. Tomorrow I am UP and OUTTA here...for 10 days... to the SUNNY! HOT! TROPICAL! Malaysia!!!


See you on the other side of beaches & sun & tans & Malaysian rice wine at weddings!! :)


ICT said...

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Louisa said...

I'm more jealous about the HOT than the Malaysia part (even though that is pretty damn awesome too). Hope you have a great time - please take loads of photos so that I can justify my green.